What is wrong with Customizing SharePoint?

Initially when SharePoint was first launched Microsoft had promoted various SharePoint customization practices. But when in 2013 new SharePoint came out, suddenly in its blog they urged the users to stop customizing it. Why is that? There are so many arguments FOR customizing and almost none against.

Firstly, SharePoint is a platform and with so many different options can be very complicated for the end user. So customizing it for your needs is a solution. Secondly, Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) solutions allow customization and they are a competition so why not Share Point? Thirdly, there are plenty of reputable companies who take the entire SharePoint customization process upon themselves. Why not take advntage of that? It is a win-win. Fourth, we are of the opinion that what Microsoft thought would be an all-encompassing solution to each business ended up being very inconvenient for everyone.

Now a lot of companies feel that if they try to customize the SharePoint then they become the 'bad guys', well, because if Microsoft said they shouldn't then everyone just has to take their word for it. But we all know that while SharePoint is good out of the box, it is amazing when customized to meet the specific business needs. Think of it this way: even expensive 'perfect' suits look better after some alterations to make the customer look perfect which is why all the most expensive stores offer alteration servicres on-site. And this same logic applies to SharePoint. It is not a 'one size fits all' thing. But regardless of the Microsoft recommendations companeis still continue to customize.