Reasons to Use Warehouse Simulation Software

Many people don't understand the real value of simulation because they don't push it far enough. They fail to research on the repercussions of operational changes and how the addition of new machinery and software can affect the productivity of a warehouse.

Experts agree that Vibroacoustic Simulation Software should be used when introducing new processes when the environment is very complex and requires components to meet in one place at the same time or in facilities where deadlines should always be met. However, simulation software is not the right tool for every project of designing or redesigning warehouses.

It is important to outline what the problem is, and determine if a simulation is the only way to help you solve the problem. Simulation is not the right tool for facilities with less complicated processes, low production volumes or no timing issues.

Also, it is not recommended for you are not introducing new equipment, using the existing equipment differently or in situations where the warehouse's processes are not being altered. The following are three reasons to use warehouse simulation software.

Proof of concept

Simulation software is the best tool to determine how an automated material handling system is bound to operate and determine the output and production rates. Once a simulation model is designed, you get the opportunity to try out how different variables can affect production if changed. Simulation assists you to identify errors in models that may only be discovered when the system is running.

Assists executive in making purchase decisions

Creating a simulation requires a lot of data to be collected and analyzed. This data is very useful when presenting the idea to executives.

Visualization makes it easier to sell an idea or concept. It is the best way to explain to the management how changes can improve existing production processes. It helps them understand the roles these changes can play in the facility.

Contributes to enhance operating and business rules

Most companies do not require simulation of the equipment and material flow rates. However, in can be done by overlapping the operational procedures with the business rules. This type of simulation assists the business to know whether the warehouse design is in line with the business requirements.